On some computers, such as computers in the warehouse, the user does not have a full version of Microsoft Office installed.  When that happens our MSAccess runtime based applications aren’t able to display images.  They get an error such as: Run-time error 2114 “Microsoft Access doesn’t support the format of the file somepath\somfilename.jpg or file is too large” so it can’t load the picture.


The reason is because the Access image control requires “Office Graphics Filters” for the display of the image, but if the full version of Office isn’t installed on the machine those files aren’t there.

The solution that worked for me is described in this article from WindowsITPro.com:


Basically the fix is to download this file:


Place the .flt plugin files in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Grphflt " folder. & run the .reg file included in the .zip.  As soon as I did that my Access app went back to being able to display graphics: