During the Outlook 2013 beta, any messages I replied to would switch to showing the word [Draft] in front of them which for me was a GREAT feature.

On the release code however, for my Exchange 2007 mailbox, that feature STOPPED working.  Draft replies are still stored with the message, but the [DRAFT] prefix text is no longer displayed completely defeating the purpose of the feature, and worse, making it even more likely than before that I would write a detailed reply to an e-mail only to have it go unsent!

The same Outlook client connected to an Office 365 e-mail address DOES display the draft text.

It even works with Google Apps accounts!  Just not their own product.  I can only assume this was done on purpose to push companies like mine off of Exchange 2007 and onto 2010 or 2013.

Internet searches for this topic have turned up nothing, so I’m hoping someone else can confirm or deny this theory.