If you have a notebook computer connected to multiple displays at home or work then disconnect that display, you can sometimes end up with windows that when restored show on the now non-existent 2nd display.

To move that window back to the primary on Windows XP you’d right-click the icon in the task bar, and choose the Move option, you’d then press one of the arrow keys on your keyboard, which would start the window moving, and then you could use your mouse to move the window quickly to the active screen.

On Windows 7 however, right-clicking the icon in the task bar does not have that effect, instead of getting the window menu, you get a list of activities such as this:

To display the window menu that includes the Move option, press the SHIFT key prior to right-clicking the application icon in the task bar:

Doing so displays the window menu.

Now, to get the window back on your main screen:

  • click on the “Move” option
  • press one of the arrow keys on your keyboard (this puts the window into “move” mode)
  • use the mouse to move the window back to your main screen
  • press enter when done